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Denied VIP Applications / VIP Application
« on: November 27, 2013, 10:47:49 PM »
First hello to all VIPs and admins , I would like your attention for a moment to look at my request , thanks :).
Real Name: Erick Duvan
Username: [CAP]ErickPro
Any previous names: Duvanbeatbox
IRC Name: Duvanbeatbox
Age: 14
Country: El Salvador
Score: 5850
Cookies: 671
Hours: 7 days , 17 hours, 1 minute.
What languages do you speak: Spanish and a little English
How long time have you been playing at eXtreme StuntinG: 1 year
Why would you like to become a VIP: I want to level up as a better player in ES, and to be more useful in the game.
More about yourself: I was inactive for almost 2 months but volvere to enter the most followed server, I like to help mainly to new players , I am joking , patient, i don't use hacks and would like to give me a opportunity to be vip
Thanks for your attention , have a good day :).

EDITED: We are not accepting applications in other languages.

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